Monday, May 17, 2010

Go Ye into All the World...

ISO 160 ~ f/8.0 ~ 1/250th ~ 200mm

Every person has a story.  Every person has a heartache.  Every person has their own personal joys.  But one thing stands out to the Christian.  We are called to reach out.  To reach out to everyone in Christ's love, no matter their race, religion, sexual orientation, or how they smell -- and that can be hard sometimes.  Especially when they may not appreciate your help.  Maybe they think you're just out there to take advantage of them.  Many have.  Many will.  It's the only right that they have left in their control, and they will be cynical of you.  Don't let that taint your love for them.  Reach out to them, and don't be afraid to be associated with them.  Jesus was, and so should you.  Just imagine if Jesus were on the street; how would we treat Him?

Try stepping out of your comfort zone today, and help someone feel Christ's love in a real way.


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