Sunday, June 03, 2007

Lake Moraine

ISO 100 ~ f/11 ~ 1/400 ~ 28mm

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  • You're probably sick of me cluttering up your inbox with comments, but I couldn't resist again! :-) After talking to your mom today about your time in Canada, it brings these pictures a little more to life! It looks like such a beautiful area to visit! I'll have to stick the Canadian Rockies on my "want-to-visit-someday" list! :-D

    By Blogger Andrea, at 10:37 PM  

  • Annie:
    Sick of them? Hardly! You're about the only one who comments now that I stopped updating regularly. So, no, I don't mind at all. :-D I have my mail program set up to automatically process blog comments, categorizing them to their own folder; so they never end up cluttering my inbox anyway. You worry too much! :-)

    By Blogger Ryebread, at 12:44 AM  

  • Well, if my persistent comments don't bother you, I'll stop worrying! :-) I enjoy your photo posting, and will flood your inbox with comments if only it will keep you posting! ;-)

    Blessings on your day!

    By Blogger Andrea, at 8:48 AM  

  • Awesome photo, man!

    By Blogger Jacob, at 9:56 PM  

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